Support for LucidBrakes

We are normally available online as well. Feel free to ask your question in the chat window below.

If you are having a problem with a LucidBrake - be assured your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our email is - please write in any question or concern that you have and we will get back to you with in 24 hours. 

* * *

If you have recently changed your batteries and the LucidBrake fails to wake up again, please take out the batteries and gently squeeze the end posts of the battery holders inward. Replace the batteries and try your unit again.

* * *

We have found this one fix cures 90% of the problems ever experienced with the LucidBrake.

If the fix above does not fix your LucidBrake, please contact us ASAP so we can troubleshoot the problem with you. Hopefully a quick conversation will fix the problem and if not, we will be happy to replace the unit or refund your purchase. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.