How does the LucidBrake work?

The LucidBrake has many of the same chips you find in your smart phones - motion-sensing, micro-controller (mini-computer) etc. It can tell when it is in motion and when it isn't so that it can send the appropriate beacon or braking signal to those behind you.


Who makes the LucidBrake?

LucidBrake is owned by LucidLights, LLC an innovative electronics company in the great Denver Metro area. We've been in business since 2007 and have two great inventions to our name.


 What makes the LucidBrake better than all the other bike lights on the market?

  • The LucidBrake is the only light on the market that has a motion-sensing BRAKE light - as well as very very bright beacon lights that can be run in any one of 4 modes!  
  • The LucidBrake does not require altering your bike at all - in fact it doesn't have to be connected to your bike at all.
  • This is the first really easy-to-use, reliable bicycle brake light. it uses complicated mathematics to tell where it is in space so that it can reliably detect your motion and light the appropriate lights without you having to do anything.
  • This is the first wearable brake light. Because there is no wiring required or any need to actually be attached to the bike, you can wear this light much higher on your body - like the helmet - so that you can be see farther away. Much like that third brake light on cars, used so that the car behind the car behind you can see you brake and give more reaction time to other drivers, wearing a brake light on your helmet lets many more people know what is happening and gives the people around you much more reaction time.

How far away can it be seen?

Of course weather conditions and lighting conditions vary greatly, but we've measured visibility at 1/4 mile during bright sunlight and 1/2 mile away at night. During rain and snow - of course visibility is diminished. It is very comparable to automobile brake lights in similar conditions.

Is the LucidBrake waterproof?

Yes, the LucidBrake can actually run underwater. The circuit board itself is waterproof and it has been coated with the same kind of coating you find on solar panels. It will stand up to wind, rain and high heat.  Here is a picture of it running under water!

The LucidBrake running even when submerged in water

See this video: 

Is the unit rechargable?

The LucidBrake runs on 2-AAA batteries and you can sure use rechargable batteries in the unit, but it is not itself rechargable. We did that so that we could maintain its waterproofness and so that you could ride long distances without having to worry about finding an outlet. The batteries last a long time, but carry a couple spare with you if you go on a long trip into the wild country.


Does it work on motorcycles?

The LucidBrake works when something it is attached to slows down. In the video, you see the brake light working at normal speeds a pickup truck drives at. We have had many motorcyclists buy LucidBrakes and write us back - saying they would never ride without them. Yes, the LucidBrake works on motorcycles.


How long do the batteries last?

We have been running a battery test in-house that is well over 5 months now. Full time bike commuters have indicated that they need to change the batteries out every couple of weeks - but that is riding several hours a day. The answer to that will really depend on your riding habits. 


Will it be available in stores?

One by one store retailers are coming online, but that is a slow process for new technology. Frankly, the demand from retailers isn't high, but the demand from cyclists across the world is. LucidBrakes demonstrate so much better in person than in pictures that it will take getting the word out about them first and creating a demand must happen before the retailers will be willing to pay for stocking them.


Will the BASIC unit be back in stock?

No, we're sorry, but the BASIC unit has been completely sold out! Newer versions are available, but the first version of the LucidBrake released on the market has been sold out. Thank you for your support!


Does LucidBrake have an affiliate program?

Yes it does, please use the company contact information below to find out more directly from us on how to set that up.


Where else can a LucidBrake be used?

A LucidBrake has many more potential uses than that just of a bicycle brake light. It can be used on long loads - at the end of a ladder for example - as show below. It can be used on golf carts, pedicabs, wheel chairs and scooters, horse-drawn carriages, Segways and hoverboards. If it moves - a LucidBrake can detect its deceleration!

LucidBrakes work great at the end of a ladder - or on a long load. Attach it to metal or plastic with the very strong dual-lock!


Will LucidLights, LLC work with me on a fund-raiser?

LucidBrakes work great as fund-raisers because we can customize the covers to suit the cause. We love to work out win/win relationships with good causes. Below is our contact information - call us!!!