LucidBrakes are motion-sensing, flat back, press-on TRUE brake lights for whatever you're riding or driving.

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Be more visible with the ONLY press-on ultra-bright / motion-sensing bicycle BRAKE light available on the market today!

LucidBRAKEs make cycling safer!

The LucidBrake

The press-on, motion-sensing "anywhere" brake light
the only light with SmartBrake* Technology
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  • Amazingly bright DAY and Night — so you can be seen easier and from farther away   (1/4 mile during the day and 1/2 mile at night).
  • There is no alteration of your bicycle required - at all! The LucidBrake is super  easy-to-mount. 
  • *SmartBrake Technology — we've developed a highly-sophisticated algorithm that adjusts out bumps, rotations and adjusts to any mounting angle. Simply put, this is the smartest brake light anyone has ever built.
  • Flat back — so you can simply press it on — so you can put it almost anywhere.
  • It is the ONLY brake light that you can actually wear (helmet or backpack or belt).
  • Completely weatherproof — so you can ride confidently in any weather
  • Incredibly versatile — only the LucidBrake can work on bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, wheel chairs, Segways, long pick-up truck loads (see the ladder in the video light up - no wires!), and more!
  • 4 different beacon mode settings when not in braking mode so you can choose your setting according to your likes or your cycling laws.
  • Safe to buy — No risk money-back & satisfaction guarantee so you can feel confident buying as many LucidBrakes as your family needs.
  • Invention of the year 2015 - DaVinci Institute - Inventor Showcase 10/10/2015
  • Top 5 Bike Inventions You Must Have - FreezeHD - Futuristic. Technology. Inventions.Gadgets
  • Top 10 Bike Product You Must Have - Poker Face - Futurist Techs & more...
The Lucid Brake Light does everything it promises:
  • LED light performance that even makes it visible in daylight
  • Simple and foolproof usage
  • Rugged and intelligent design and flawless execution
  • Thank you John for a super product!

Johan - Belgium

Very impressed.  Installed LucidBrake light on my commuter bike.  Instantly works!  Made me more visible.  Works exactly as advertised.  Will recommend  to others who cycle around town.  Also looking for other ways to utilize.

Benjamin - New Orleans, Louisiana  

Love this brake light -

Richard - Corpus Christi, Texas

I will not ride my motorcycle without my LucidBrake!

Derek - Colorado

The design is very clever!
Great use of accelerometer technology.

Stephen - Michigan


***** T H E ** V E R Y ** B E S T *****

Akif Talibov - Azerbaijan


"Invention of the Year" Celebrity Judge's Comments:

"Fills a REAL consumer need. Excellent product!!!"
"Innovative and fun, but also so practical. Amazing. Well done!"
"This just took bicycle safety to a whole new level."
"Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It is such a no-brainer and so much-needed."